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Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

I know, different strokes for different folks, and if we were all the same what a boring world this would be. But there are some things people do that I just can’t make sense of, no matter how hard I try to see things from another perspective. So with a nod to Alex at I Don’t Blog for the inspiration, here are a few things that I just don’t get:

1. Not signaling turns. Seriously, if you are a driver who does not use the little lever that turns on a flashing light to indicate you are about to make a left or right turn, please leave me a comment to let me know WHY NOT?!

2. Littering. I just do not understand what is so hard about disposing of your garbage properly, and instead tossing it on the street or out your car window. No can? No problem. Take it with you! Adults that leave coffee cups, pizza boxes, diapers, the remains of fireworks, and well, anything behind at parks (which in general, have garbage cans AND recycling bins): you are the worst of the worst. I hope your children trash your home like you trash our neighborhood. And smokers? The world is not your ashtray.

3. Related to #2: not picking up after your dog. Sorry, you have no right to own a pet if you can’t handle picking up its waste. And just so you know, doggie doo doesn’t melt like snow, it will still be there in the spring. Ick!

4. Not giving the wave. This is the universal “thank you” gesture used less and less by drivers, and yes, if I let you in, I expect it.

5. People that constantly have their cell phones in their hands, even while talking with you face to face, yet never return your texts or emails. And don’t even start with the “oh I don’t think I got that one…” You did.

6. Not washing hands after using a public bathroom. If that’s what you do when people are watching, I can only imagine what you do in private. Actually, I’d rather not *gag*. And for the record, my kids notice and they think you are gross too.

7. Using the term Nazi to refer to anyone other than an actual Nazi. Sorry, comparing someone who cares deeply about breastfeeding support, equality between the sexes, or proper grammar to a member of a genocidal regime? Not funny, not even a bit.

8. Why The Globe and Mail still publishes Margaret Wente.

9. Twitter’s trending topics. For the most part, clicking on these makes me truly sad for the future of society.

What are some things that make you go hmmm?

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