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These Are a Few of My Favourite Links – Sleep

Every new parent quickly realizes that sleep (or lack of it) is a hot topic. The BBs forced me to rethink the term “sleeping like a baby”.  Reading about the hows and whys of infant (and toddler, and preschooler…) night-waking helped me to understand, accept, and get more sleep. Hopefully, these articles and blogs will help other parents going through what is, ultimately, normal baby behaviour.

Night-time Parenting

Wakeful 4 Month Olds

Cry It Out (CIO): 10 Reasons Why It Is Not For Us

Co-Sleeping Safety

Eek! Even More Thoughts On Sleep Training and Night Waking (this writer has a series of interesting posts on this topic)

Breaking News: New Study Does NOT Show ‘Sleep Training Babies Causes no Lasting Damage’

Cosleeping and Biological Imperatives: Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone

Breastfeeding Tips to Get You Through the Night

Why Your Baby is “Not Sleeping”(an interesting look at changing cultural expectations of infant sleep habits)

Sleep, Changing Patterns in the Family Bed (a great guide to gentle night-weaning that can be modified to your particular situation)

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These Are a Few of My Favourite Links – Breastfeeding

If you know me or read my blog, you might have gathered how important I think it is that women have accurate breastfeeding information and access to resources and support–things I think are sadly lacking in our society, and unfortunately, among some medical professionals. These articles and blogs are well worth reading, not just for new moms and new moms-to-be–anyone supporting nursing moms can learn a few things, too.


How Does Milk Production Work?

Baby Explains—Normal Newborn Behavior

10 Tips for Getting Breastfeeding off to a Good Start

Help! I don’t want to Breastfeed!

101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child

The Truth Behind Common Breastfeeding Myths

Watch Your Language

Top 10 Things Non Breastfeeding Advocates Should Stop Saying

Gone Too Far?

I previously rounded up some resources for moms experiencing difficulties (or preparing a support system, just in case) in this post.

More of my Favourite Links: Homework, Parenting, Sleep, Birth, Education


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These Are a Few of My Favourite Links – Birth

I’ve blogged a bit about my own experiences, and what led me to make different choices for my second birth. While no two births are the same, and each woman needs to choose a caregiver, birth location, and plan she is most comfortable with (while understanding things may not go as planned), I think it’s important to be aware ahead of time the impact certain choices can have. True choice must be informed choice.


Epidurals: Risks and Concerns for Mother and Baby

What to Reject When You’re Expecting

Home Births Safer Than Hospital Births for Low Risk Pregnancies

The Most Scientific Birth is Often the Least Technological Birth

The Symptoms of PPD  (if you are a new mom, or know a new mom, a must-read)

Cheating a bit here: I also recommend the documentary The Business of Being Born. While it is an American film, it’s still very informative and interesting for parents-to-be (whether first-timers or not). I don’t recommend the What to Expect books (among other things, one friend of mine refers to it as “that horrible book” that scared her silly about everything she did, and the edition I had included some pretty poor breastfeeding advice). For a Canadian perspective, check out Ann Douglas’ The Mother of All… series instead.

More of my Favourite Links: Homework, Parenting, Sleep, Breastfeeding, Education


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My Kid Just Said (Part 16)

“The winding road may be long, but never too skinny for me.” BB#2, 5 years old.

I thought this might be from a poem, but he says he came up with it himself. Thinks it might be something Annoying Orange would say…(?)

ETA: mystery solved! It’s a paraphrase from his current read-aloud, Freddy Goes to Florida. Daddy read the last chapter.

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These Are a Few of My Favourite Links – Education

As a parent, a certified teacher, and a lifelong learner, I obviously feel strongly about education. As a reader, writer, and editor, I have a particular passion for reading: the process, the instruction, and the act itself (not to mention, books!) Here are some articles and blogs that have informed and inspired me recently.


“Boy Crisis” in Education a Microcosm of Women’s Lives

Do Unto Students

Parental Involvement in Education: What Kind? To What Ends?

Why Inclusion in the Classroom Benefits ALL Kids

Too High a Price: Why I Don’t Do Behavior Charts

In This Classroom

Creating the Conditions: A Love of Reading

12 Myths About Education in Finland Debunked

How Do Parent Labels Help?

Lessons from Kindergarten

Join the Chorus Against Reading Logs

8 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading

More of my Favourite Links: Homework, Parenting, Sleep, Breastfeeding, Birth


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These Are a Few of My Favourite Links – Parenting

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered to start blogging. So many others have written on topics dear to me much more eloquently than I ever could. What can I possibly add? I’ll often share links and articles that really resonate with me, and I’ve been known to email myself the links to refer to later . I’m going to compile a list of my favourites from recent years by topic, starting with some great reads on the subject of parenting in general. Happy reading!


Don’t Carpe Diem

On Parenthood

What is Attachment Parenting? (note the lack of a list of “thou shalts”…)

Notes From a Dragon Mom (warning: have tissue handy)

Parenting: I Quit

Mothering in the Newborn Period

Bad Baby Names (just for fun, a blog about “interesting” names people have given their children. Apologies if you recognize any of the names…)

More of my Favourite Links: Homework, Education, Sleep, Breastfeeding, Birth.


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In Our Classroom

This “Philosophy of Education” was originally written as an assignment during my BEd studies. I still believe it and hope to implement it someday.

In Our Classroom

A classroom does not belong to the teacher alone, it belongs to the students as well. This is the my vision of what teaching and learning will look like in “our” classroom:

Our classroom will be an inclusive environment. Students must feel safe before they can learn.

Our classroom will be a place where diversity is not just accepted, it’s expected. We are not all the same, but we are not all that different either. Let’s learn from one another.

In our classroom, expectations of behavior will be agreed upon and modeled. Respect goes both ways.  Children are people too.

In our classroom, learning goals will be explicitly stated, and learners will know the criteria for success.

In our classroom, learning skills will be as important as academic goals. How we learn is as important as what we learn.

In our classroom, student work will be the primary decoration, building our community and celebrating our achievements.

In our classroom, learners will be given detailed feedback on an on-going basis and not just grades at the end, so they will know what they are doing well, and how they can improve.

In our classroom, discussion will be welcomed. People learn through sharing ideas and interacting with one another, and discussion fosters critical thinking. Differing opinions and questions are welcome; judgments and put downs are not.

In our classroom, we will strive to respect the balance between school and home life. Children should have time to explore other activities and interests, to play, and to be with friends and family. Though it is important to work hard while at school, the classroom is just one place where learning can take place.

In our classroom, education is not one-size-fits-all. What works for one learner may not work for another; what worked for last year’s class may not work for this year’s class.

In our classroom, the teacher is also a learner, dedicated to professional development and further training.


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My Kid Just Said (Part 15)

“Dad, mom needs you to burn the chicken!” BB#2, 5 years old, after I’d called my husband for help in the kitchen.

I just wanted him to open a jar (though he IS responsible for grilling the chicken.)

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