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My Kid Just Said (Part 33)

“I almost said the F-word over that one!” BB#2, 6 years old, after spilling milk on the couch.

Me too, buddy. Me too.

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Long Time, No Post

Or at least, it feels that way. So, what’s up with me? Work! I managed to get a long-term occasional (LTO) teaching post that is perfect in a lot of ways, but not surprisingly, has meant a steep learning curve and many hours outside the classroom getting up to speed. Which doesn’t leave me a lot of time for blogging or much else (a lot of people will be getting cash or gift cards this holiday season)! I am looking forward to the winter break to spend time with my beautiful boys (and also to do some major planning for my class for┬áthe New Year! “My class”. Wow.)

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My Kid Just Said (Part 32)

“What is the other name for Santa again? Nick Fury or something?” BB#1, 9 years old.

Clearly we have failed in our Christmas teachings.

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