Reasons I’m Not Buying Your House

We’ve been house hunting lately. We have yet to buy a place. Here are some reasons why not:

The hair salon in your basement. Someone will love that! I’m not that someone.

The price. You’ve priced it 100K too high for a house that needs 100K of work done on it. And yes, the pink 1970’s bathroom fixtures would have to go.

The smell.

It backs on to a restaurant. Convenient? Yes. Appealing? No.

It’s beautiful inside, but I can see a factory from your front door.

You turned the garage into a bedroom/bathroom.

2500 square foot house, and your kitchen still has less counter and cupboard space then my 1300 square foot townhouse. And my kitchen is the reason I want to move!

It’s going to cost me money to undo all the “quaint” personal touches you added over the years, and yet the price suggests you are expecting to get the money you invested back out. Good luck with that…

There’s a two-car garage, but you blocked it off with a fence and a shed.

The hot tub overlooking your family room.

I just bet the “green space” your house backs on to is used by the neighbors as a garbage dump, and the local teens as a place to “hang out” and “do stuff” on Friday nights…

Your neighbours’ toddler and preschooler kept running back and forth behind our car when we were trying to back out of your drive after the open house, while your neighbors just looked on and did nothing. I don’t want to be afraid I’m going to run someone over every time I leave the house!

The falling down fence in your listing pictures.

The alcove we called “the murder room”…

There’s snow in all the listing pictures, and it’s May. If no one has bought it so far, I’m certainly not getting suckered into it!

Your agent never responded to our request to see it! For reals!

Your neighbour’s above-ground pool is literally touching the shared fence, making it about three feet from the kitchen window.

Bonus: while I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the perfect house because of this, I’ll admit the unflushed toilet with the lid up did not help me fall in love with yours!


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8 responses to “Reasons I’m Not Buying Your House

  1. Dana

    We once looked at a house the was awesome, until we got to basement and discovered a secret hatch built into the basement floor to access a space big enough to hide a victim. I think I puked in my mouth.

  2. Your blog is priceless to us Home Stagers. We talk to sellers every day convincing them to take care of their home and presentation. Often we get comments like: well we are selling as is, or it worked for us this way,I’m sure they can see passed that. But your blog showed us again, no people don’t see passed it and yes they do notice it. Brilliant! thank you for sharing

    • Thanks! I do know I can be too picky and sometimes miss the potential in a house (fortunately my husband can see past most of that!) Just had to vent a little about some of the “interesting” things we’ve seen in our price range…

  3. CeeGee

    Oh man! This is so right! One of my biggest pet peeves is listing photos with toilet lids up and personal stuff all over the bathroom counter. Of course those are the listing photos from a home that has just as bad photos in every other room too.

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