My Kid Just Said (Part 18)

“You’d better enjoy only going to school every other day while you can. Because in grade one, you have to go all day every day.” BB#1, 8.5 years old, to BB#2, 5.5 years old, after #2 whined about having to go to school AGAIN today (second and last time this week).



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2 responses to “My Kid Just Said (Part 18)

  1. Juliette

    Growing up is HARD 😛

    • The kid asks weekly if he’s in grade one yet. But he whines when he has to go to school. Big bro also told him once “you’ll never make it in grade one” because there won’t be anyone there to remind him to put his stuff in his backpack etc. It will be a learning experience in Sept. that’s for sure!

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