Someone’s Knockin’ at the Door

Jehovah’s Witness came to the door yestersday. I was sick and still in my bathrobe, so I made my husband (who was working from home) answer the door. He’s a lot more polite than I am, and accepted their publications whereas I would have said no thanks. I resent anyone coming door-to-door, it has nothing to do with their religion. If I want your services, I’ll call you, thanks.

The magazines have been sitting on the counter, and have inspired a lot of questions from BB#1, which I tried to answer from my pathetic knowledge base of religion. (I really need to do more reading so I can give him better information. As a non-believer in well, anything, I still want to teach him to respect others’ beliefs, and to know that he is free to believe what, if anything, he chooses.) He wanted to know where churches get their money (after all, it’s obvious to him someone had to pay to print those magazines), which eventually led in a roundabout way to some discussion on the history of the Catholic church and its wealth. I told him the pope basically lives in a palace, and he had to ask who the pope was.

Me: He’s the head of the Catholic church, some people believe he’s, well,  God’s right-hand man.

L: But maybe God’s a lefty.

I love this kid.



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2 responses to “Someone’s Knockin’ at the Door

  1. Christine

    God a lefty? Well, that would certainly explain a LOT!

    As an atheist turned agnostic, one of the things I struggle with (and I am a GROWN-UP! ostensibly at least) is that if God is perfect and benevolent, why are His people such jerk-faces to each other?

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