Remember When?

When my first child was a baby, I tried to keep a journal of all the amazing things he did and said, with the plan of giving it to him when he was an adult. With a child that napped 20 minutes at a time, and was up every couple hours in the night for years, finding the time was difficult. But I managed to fill a little notebook in that first year or two, furiously writing in spurts (rather illegibly). When my second child was born, I was determined to do the same thing, dedicate a journal to HIS infancy, but the journal ended up being about both of them, and in the end, I really only filled a few pages. There are gaps of months and probably years, and then I pretty much gave up because I was overwhelmed by all I’d forgotten.

I feel particularly terrible about this because Beautiful Boy #1 has asked for “his” journal to be read to him like a bedtime story, and can now tell us things he did as a baby that he of course does not remember, but remembers us reading about. I will not be able to do this with his brother. I feel sad just thinking of all the unforgettable moments I have in fact forgotten. Part of it was that I was busy being WITH them, raising them—and the lack of sleep or any time to myself contributed of course. And then Beautiful Boy #2 was mysteriously sick off and on for a year and half, and I was back at work, and then school…

But during this time, I was online, on parenting boards, and later social media. If only I’d thought to keep a copy of all those funny status updates and discussion posts. Typing is much quicker and easier for me than handwriting, and I work at a computer all day long. It would have made sense to keep a record, instead of only sending it out there into the ether (of course, I know it’s all out there, somewhere, still…the internet never forgets, even when you want it to!)

So one thing I hope to do with this blog is keep a better record of my boys’ growth and development, of those stories I can’t wait to share with people that I know will get it, and things I want to be able to share with them when they get older. Here are a couple recent funnies:

BB#1 has something close to a photographic memory. I used to have a pretty good one myself, but then I had kids, so…The other day we were talking about something, and I didn’t remember the particular incident even though BB#1 assured me I was there.

BB#1: I remember everything, I even remember being born.

Me: (wryly) Oh really? And how was it for you?

BB#1: (after a pause) Not so great.

Ha! Maybe he DOES remember. The stories I could tell about that day (and I will, later.)

As for BB#2, like his brother before him, he’s not much interested in printing, or really even drawing. This was somewhat of a problem for BB#1 in grade one and even two, but he’s been improving. I can see the same thing happening with BB#2. I try to get him to practice his letters, but I don’t want it to backfire (i.e. for him to hate writing). I know he’ll get it in time, and that he has to be self-motivated.

Turns out, the times he’s most inclined to put pencil to paper? When he’s mad at us. Once he went into his room in a snit, and did not want his dad to come in to talk to him. But when he felt better, he stuck a note under the door that said “u can com in now”. And last night, it was my turn. After a rather stupid disagreement over what constituted a healthy snack (he wanted a cupcake, I offered fruit or vegetables, much whining ensued), he barricaded himself in his room. When I went up to check on him, I found he’d been writing notes again:

“wen iz it goig too be tim too hav eat” (because he wasn’t coming down until dinner was ready)

Followed up by “wen mom” (getting impatient now)

And then later, after I’d gone back downstairs and he’d calmed down, he tossed the following through the railing:

“I em cumig domn” (I figured out his “m” was an upsidedown “w”)

I’m pretty sure this is the most writing he’s ever done, and it was totally unprompted, and motivated by necessity (that is, he didn’t want to talk to me, so he had to write it down!)

I’m proud. I think…

Okay so maybe this is a mommy blog…


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