Just Another Mommy Blog?

So, is this going to be a mommy blog? I’m not sure. That is one of the questions that have prevented me from blogging until now. Now, I’m not down on mommy blogs, even though the term has gotten a lot of backlash–even from women who are mothers and do in fact write blogs about parenting and family life! I find it condescending and anti-feminist to denigrate writing by women, for women (and let’s face it, though there are plenty of fathers blogging about parenting, that oh so special tone is generally reserved for the “mommies”). But then, I’ve worked in romance publishing for several years, so I’m used to a similar kind of snobbery.

Don’t like reading blogs by parents, focused on parenting? Here’s a thought: then don’t!  There are plenty of other things to read out there. I’m not too interested in reading blogs about cats, video games or bass fishing, but I presume these exist and that there are people interested in reading them. Probably because they have cats, play video games or enjoy bass fishing, and like discussing these things with others. That these topics are not of interest to me personally does not make me superior in any way. But trolling these sites or sneering at cat bloggers as a whole would make me kinda pathetic. Just sayin’…

All of this to say, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll go with this blog. Certainly, being a parent is a big part of my identity, and colours the way I view the world. Becoming a parent is really what brought me online, and some of the things I am most passionate about are parenting issues. I am also a lot of other things in addition to being a parent, and I may write about those aspects of my life too.

But I’m not likely to get too worked up if you call me a mommy blogger because that would be like saying there is something inherently wrong with being a mommy blogger.


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